Dead Space in Steam will be free of Origin, and Origin will be replaced soon

Dead Space in Steam will be free of Origin, and Origin will be replaced soon

The PC Gamer portal found out from Electronic Arts why on the web page of the Dead Space Chorrow Remake there was no mention of Launcher Origin, which is required for other publishing games in the Valve service.

The vast majority of Electronic Arts games released in Steam are launched through Origin's installer's client, but re-thinking Dead Space will go sideways.

According to the representative of Electronic Arts interviewed by PC Gamer, the Dead Space remake will become another exception to the general rule: the game will be fully integrated into Steam and will not require a third-party launcher to launch.

The New Standard for Dead Space in Steam does not seem to be the same. Next year's Jedi action Star Wars Jedi: Survivor did not get rid of the Origin page on Valve.

In the meantime, Electronic Arts is in the process of moving to its new PC installer, EA App has already passed an open "beta" and is preparing to replace Origin completely. EA assures that EA App is faster, more reliable and more comfortable.

Launcher will offer automatic downloads, background updates and a universal list of friends from other platforms. All content from Origin will be moved to a new application.

In any event, at least the Deed Space remake in Steam was removed from the external downloader. The re-consideration is expected on January 27, 2023 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and S.