Why do we cry when we grow?

Why do we cry when we grow?

If your eyes shed a tear, or two times you soar, there's nothing you can do to stop it, and there's no reason to stop it! It's perfectly natural and normal for your body.


However, have you ever had to groan and then discover that tears roll down your cheeks?

Where do tears come from when they grow?

Tears flow from tear glands

When the tear is removed, it covers the whole surface of the eye and then leaks into the nose.

Why do we have tears when we're singing?

Studying Zevoth has always been a bit difficult, although we still don't know the exact reason why it causes tears, these are the basic theories.

1. Brain cooling

Research shows that the act itself helps to cool the brain.

The theory of the cooling of the brain suggests that the eyes excite tears during mating to dispel some of the body's heat.

2. Face pressure

Depending on how you think about it, there are up to 30 muscles in your face, and most of these muscles are reduced during the sizzling, including the muscles around the century. This theory of the formation of tears during the sniffing has two logical lines.

The first theory is that when all these muscles are reduced around their eyes, they make them cry out of their tear glands, which makes them slide down their faces while they're burrowing.

It's like if you were trying to squeeze the last drops of juice out of orange.

The second theory is that the reduction of all of these muscles blocks regular tear draining during the sieving period. Since the average sniffing can last about five seconds, it's enough time for a few drops of tears to stay in the eye. When the facial muscles relax after the sieving, the excess tears flow from the tear canals, and also flow down the cheek.

3. Lack of sleep

Although research has shown that you don't always sing because you want to sleep or you're tired, the timing of both is the same. A person who's tired also shows signs of fatigue.

To confront them, your body draws tears to moisturize and moisturize the cornea, the fact that you groan at the same time is likely to be a coincidence.

Why am I the only one?

It is likely that none of the people around you will experience such a thing, and the reasons for it may also be very different.

For example, people who suffer from dry eye syndrome tend to develop fewer tears.

Even if you don't have ophthalmological diseases, the size of your eye, the thickness of your eyelid, the anatomy of tear glands and canals vary from person to person.

Any one of them can cause you to cry and groan during class while your classmates look at you.

What can you do about it?

In principle, if your eyes have decided to shed a tear or two times every time you groan, there's nothing you can do to stop it.

For example, if you were born with little eyes or narrow tear canals, your tears need another way to leak and roll down your cheeks.

The beauty is that you don't have to interfere with it. It's perfectly natural and normal for your body. For many people, it can happen not even every time you sing, but it can be influenced by the current state of your body's physiology as well as its immediate surroundings.

When should I worry?

The physiology of your body must always be in balance.

If you feel more tears coming out of your eyes than usual, or if it doesn't stop quickly, you should visit an ophthalmologist. This may be a sign that your tear glands are operating in heavy mode.

Another cause of excessive tearing may be a protective reaction to excessive eye dryness. Common causes of eye dryness include allergy, excessive behind-screening, injury, or eye contact with a foreign object. Contact lenses are also known to cause irritation and excessive tearing of the eyes of some people.

The next time you shed a tear after a strong sorority, just wipe it and move on, it's either your brain trying to cool down, or your facial muscles are compressing, or you're getting caught up in a lack of sleep. Research is still going on to reveal the deeper mysteries of the Zenoty, but for now it's just a harmless freak of the human body!