The supply of Tesla Semi electric trucks for Pepsi will begin in December

The supply of Tesla Semi electric trucks for Pepsi will begin in December

The head and founder of Tesla Ilon Mask finally announced the start of the production of Tesla trucks, according to a billionaire's Twitter release, the production of the cars has already begun, and since 1 December the supply of new trunk tractors to PepsiCo began. The latter pre-ordered 100 cars as early as 2017, a month after their announcement.

In August of this year, Mask announced that the 800 km version of the truck would begin to arrive before the end of this year and seemed to intend to keep its promise; prior to that, the head of the company claimed that the delivery of the Semi electric trucks would not begin until 2023 and that the second half of August the advance orders for the new ones had been discontinued, while the specifications of the trucks had also been updated.

Tesla promises that Semi will be able to run up to 100 km/h in 20 seconds, even when fully loaded, and maintain high speed even on steep lifts. In addition, batteries with 500 km and 800 km will be able to charge 70% in 30 minutes. According to Mask's tweet, this is now a 800 km version that gives "super-driving pleasure".

Until 2022, there wasn't much information about Semi trucks. Finally, in May of this year, Tesla started booking 20,000 dollar-deposit models, and in August, it was reported that the 800 km version had started to be delivered this year. That same month, the pre-orders were no longer accepted.

It's worth noting that the company's own "delines" are not very strict: Cybertruck's release has been delayed several times, and now its sales are promised to start in 2023. The same is true of other models. Moreover, the full Tesla autopilot, which Ilon Mask promises to introduce soon for years, is also only available in the cut-off beta version. It is also promised in Tesla that Semi trucks will receive at least a partial autopilot, although there is no information on the truck's own page.

Previously, it was reported that Semi would cost $180,000, but information on the company's website is not yet available — it is possible that inflation has adjusted its price. In addition, Tesla reports that in three years of operation, the truck will save up to $200,000.