Nearly 100 scientists have studied the distant galaxy

Nearly 100 scientists have studied the distant galaxy

As part of the new study, scientists conducted more than 200 galaxy observations using a 0.9-metre reflex telescope at the West Mountain Observatory, and the Astronomers combined observations with data from the Wall Earth Blasar telescope.

Using WEBT observations made in the summer of 2020, astronomers discovered surprisingly rapid luminance fluctuations in the central galaxy of BL Lac. Scientists link these strange luminance cycles to the rotations of its magnetic field. Their research was recently published in Nature magazine.

According to the co-author of the study, "it is remarkable that in this age of giant telescopes and space research we still need to rely on modest and well-equipped objects to explore unknown corners of the universe." This is a 0.9-metre telescope-reflexor at Brigham Young University.


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