Huawei will resume production of 5G Smartphones despite US sanctions

Huawei will resume production of 5G Smartphones despite US sanctions

The Chinese company Huawei intends to resume production of 5G-supported smartphones as early as next year, overcoming US sanctions, reports Financial Times. In the long run, the company intends to recover its share in the smartphone market, which once held a very strong position.

Huawei, who once held a leading position in the smartphone market, became hostage to geopolitical tensions between the US and China and lost access to advanced smartphone chipsets following the imposition of sanctions on her in 2019. In 2021, revenues from smartphone-related consumer businesses fell by 50 per cent a year, losing their position not only in the international market but also in the local Chinese market.

One option is to revise smartphones without using sub-sanction technology. Before sanctions were tightened in the United States, Huawei used Kirin chipsets, which developed its own HiSilicon, and released Taiwan Semiconducor Manufacturing Co. The latter refused to release processors because of sanctions. Now Huawei will redesign smartphones to use less advanced chips, but also with 5Gs that can be produced at the capacity of Chinese companies. True, such solutions may not be competitive in today ' s market.

Another way to circumvent sanctions may be to cooperate with companies selling smartphone covers, with models with integrated modules that support 5G connections such as the Shenzhen products of Soyea Technology. In September, China Telecom, a public mobile operator, began selling Huavei Matt 50 with similar covers, similar to Soyea, began producing for Huawai P50 Pro.

Huawei ' s work on circumventing American restrictions is also extremely important for official Beijing seeking technological self-sufficiency. The government ' s plan can be a potential driver to help Huawei enter the 5G race. However, according to IDC experts, due to U.S. restrictions, Huawei is in a very disadvantaged position, and it will take the company a very long time to build the necessary supply chain, so when it does, the rest of the world will already enter the 6G era. Like the Huawei representative himself, as long as the company is the only producer of 4G-smartphones in the 5G era.

Meanwhile, Chinese consumers are not satisfied with the price/functionality ratio of Huawei smartphones without 5G support. According to FT, with reference to the Shanghai repair service representative, since the release of the Mate 50 hundred people have asked him to remodel the model to support the fifth generation, some even brought old Mate 40, in which the chips are present, literally asking them to be brand new.