Look at the underwater superacht created by Jules Verne's novel

Look at the underwater superacht created by Jules Verne's novel

The Dutch company U-Boat Works has submitted a 37.5 m long project for the Nautilus boat. A ready-made ship can operate as both an entertainment boat and an underwater boat.

The developers report that the ship's project has passed all the necessary checks and certificates and is the first yacht project that could sink under water, inspired by Jules Verne's novel "20000 lumber under water".

A ship weighing 1250 tons and 37.5 metres in length can operate as a normal boat. In this mode, a fresh water pool, a bar and a dining table are placed on deck. Up to 10 passengers and 7 crew members can be placed on a boat. Before diving, the solar terrace is cleaned.

As a yacht, Nautilus offers a massive solar deck with a fresh water pool, a bar, and a luxurious dining table. This device is cleaned out in the open air before the submarine falls below sea level.

The submarine may be in submarine mode for up to four days, but when driving at cruise speed, this period shall be reduced to 6 a.m. A vessel operating from a hybrid diesel electric engine may sink to a depth of 200 m. It may reach a speed of up to 9 knots on the surface.

The developers point out that the additional bonus of the new device is the fight against marine disease, and if the surface is too restless, the ship can go underwater and continue its peaceful journey.