Google Chrome is recognized as the most vulnerable browser in 2022

Google Chrome is recognized as the most vulnerable browser in 2022

New data provided by the Atlas VPN service operator indicate that Google Chrome users should be extremely careful when working online — the browser is the most vulnerable among the most known products of this kind.

In 2022, the Chrome found 303 vulnerabilities and 3159 in its history, based on VulDB data and taking into account the "brackets" found between 1 January and 5 October 2022.

Chrome became the only browser in which new vulnerabilities were discovered in the first five days of October: CVE-2022-3318, CVE-2022-3314, CVE-2022-3311, CVE-2022-3309 and CVE-2022-3307.

Firefox, with 117 vulnerabilities, ranks second in the 2022 "anti-rating" and Microsoft Edge, with 103 vulnerabilities, is 61% higher than in 2021. Finally, Apple Safari ranked fourth, and Opera is the safest. In 2022, this browser did not identify documented gaps in the security system in general, and only 344 options have been reported in history.

It is noteworthy that Chrome, Edge and Opera are created on the same Chromium engine, but a different approach to "finishing" the framework has led to the results that the first two browsers are the most dangerous to users and the Opera are the most protected ones. However, vulnerability in Chromium could theoretically affect all the options in the troika.

In order to remain safe, users are encouraged to regularly update browsers to the latest versions and to be particularly careful when loading plaguins and extensions, especially from poorly known sources from unknown developers.