Look at the perfect robot pet home

Look at the perfect robot pet home

On Kickstarter, Loona's robot, a rather advanced bot, is gaining popularity, and can perform many tricks with both character and character, such as the Disney film character.

Loona is a four-wheeled robot with a height of 172 mm with a 2.4-inch LK screen instead of a face, a pair of very cartoon eyes designed to create the illusion that this bot is a real, live animal, expressing joy, anger, sadness, curiosity and a number of other emotions.

Loona features not only in the display, but also a couple of glowing ear antennas on the top of the head, which rise from happiness or fall when the robot is "disenchanted".

Loona can act like a real pet. For example, walk around the house freely, respond to affection, come when he's called, bring a ball, chase a laser pointer, do tricks, greet and follow the owner of the house, and explore the surrounding area, sneeze and dance.

Loona is equipped with voice mics and cameras to recognize faces and people, navigation through objects, tracking movement and preventing falling from the edges. It can be programmed with an application that makes it an ideal robot pet. It is simple enough to teach users, and especially children, the basics of programming.

The creator of Loona, KEYi Tech, receives funding for the project with the help of Kickstarter. Startup has raised $1.7 million, the original target is $200,000. Early contributions start with $299, which is $150 less than its possible retail price. If all goes according to plan, the shipment should start in February 2023, or the sponsors can pay back to get the robot by Catholic Christmas.