Stadia's controller can be connected to other platforms wirelessly, but existing methods are not very convenient

Stadia's controller can be connected to other platforms wirelessly, but existing methods are not ver

After Google announced the closure of the Stadia cloud game service, users began to search for applications for brand controllers in other game systems. Although controllers can already be used with PC, Mac and smartphones via wire, the wireless Bluetooth connection has so far been limited to the very platform of Stadia, which is only short-lived; however, it has not prevented enthusiasts from searching for bypasses.

One method includes the use of the Android device as a transmitter. Last year, YouTube-blogger LateStageTech demonstrated its Wiredless Pro application to connect wire controllers to Android devices, which in turn exchange signals with PCs. In October, video-blogger Benjaninja showed that this method also works with Stadia's controller, but with some limitations. In particular, no Trigger buttons were recognized and the list of compatible games is clearly limited. Furthermore, the need for physical connection to the Android device is not too convenient for those who would like to use a fully wireless gadget.

Another method has been developed by Programmer Part Shah, but it is only available on the PC and requires further action. According to some data, Python 3 needs to be installed on the PC and download the StadiaWirless software version 1.2.0, developed by Shah, with GitHub. Then you can follow the instructions of the programmer to use the solution. On the PC, you need to get an URL, which in the Android browser, you can connect the controller wirelessly. However, the controller will still have to use the cable and the Android device, but all the keys remain functional.

Some users have already asked Google to unlock the controller's ability to connect to game consoles and computers using Bluetooth. It is known that Google is considering this option, but the final decision does not seem to be made yet.