The Marstroit Perseverance collected the 13th sample of the rock for future shipment to Earth

The Marstroit Perseverance collected the 13th sample of the rock for future shipment to Earth

The famous Marshoe Perseverance, a research crater of Ezero on the Red Planet, selected the thirteenth Martian rock sample by means of a special storm. This was reported by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is responsible for the mission. According to JPL, the "happy" thirteenth sample will not be the last in the area; another sample will be produced.

While the Marsoat gathers a collection of stones from the Red Planet, the teams responsible for it are preparing for another ambitious phase of the mission — sending these samples to Earth, perhaps as early as 2033 — the project will be implemented jointly by NASA and the European Space Agency and will seek out possible traces of Marsian life — billions of years ago, in the crater of Ezero, there was a large lake and river delta in which someone could live.

The plan provides for the delivery of recovered steam samples to the NASA special landing module, which will also carry a small missile. It will later go with samples to the orbit of the planet, where it will meet with the ESA orbital module for further return to Earth. However, until all this equipment has left the Earth, it is still in development.

Normally, Perseverance selects two samples from each stone it drills. A sailor will store one set of samples on board and the other one will be left in one of the "stores" on the surface of Ezero. This will allow for the retention of a "reserved copy" if, for whatever reason, Perseverance is unable to deliver the samples to the planting module, which will be supplemented by two helicopters capable of carrying the samples one by one, if necessary.

The success of the already operational Ingenuity helicopter accompanying the janitorship has proved the effectiveness of the design of the flying vehicle. It is expected that the helicopters for the possible delivery of the samples will be very similar to their predecessor. Ingenuity was expected to carry only five flights, but it appears that this mark will be exceeded at least seven times. For example, the 33rd helicopter flight took place at the end of September.