Apple asked the partners to move the production of AirPods and Beats headphones to India

Apple asked the partners to move the production of AirPods and Beats headphones to India

It became known that Apple had for the first time asked its partners in AirPods and Beats to move some of the capacity to India, which was good news for a country that had long declared its willingness to become a major production centre for an American company.

For Apple, the transfer of part of the headphone production to India is another step towards diversifying supply chains. This is because the company seeks to reduce the risk of supply chain failures due to tensions between China and the US, as well as China's strict policy on the spread of coronavirus infection. According to the source, Apple is negotiating to expand the production of headphones, including flagship devices, in India with some of its suppliers.

Luxshar Precion Industry and its subsidiaries, which are already producing AirPods in Vietnam and China, are also planning to produce Apple headphones in India, but now Luxshare is focusing on the manufacture of headphones in Vietnam, which could prevent the company from starting to produce AirPods in India at the same time as competitors.

Remember, AirPods has become one of the first Apple products to be produced massively outside China, facilitated by tensions between the US and the Underwear. Over 70 million Apple headphones are produced every year, which is the second-largest result of the company's supply to the iPhone. It is noted that most of the Beats' headphone production also moved to Vietnam as early as last year.

The migration of AirPods and Beats production to India will increase Apple production space in an iPhone 14 country. In the past, India produced only older smartphone models at Westron enterprises, and the country's own production has been operational since 2017. Although originally Indian production was designed to serve the local market, Apple now views the country as a strategic production base, and the devices exported from it reach markets in various countries, including Europe.