In Twitter v. Mask, another potential witness appeared: he claimed that 20% of the accounts on the platform were bots

In Twitter v. Mask, another potential witness appeared: he claimed that 20% of the accounts on the p

Another former Twitter employee is considering the possibility of appearing before the court in a trial with Ilon Mask in a $44 billion non-purchase case, which is due to take place in two weeks, and potentially this person can give a lot of important details about the bots on Twitter.

Unlike another important witness, Peter Zatko — who never mentioned the word "bota" or "spam" during his testimony to Congress in September — the second informant, a former Twitter official, claims to have been involved a few years ago in an internal report that allegedly concluded that at least 30% of the daily active Twitter users were automated spam accounts.

"," said a potential witness in an interview with The Post.

This man's testimony can be a great deal of luck for Mask, who has made the alleged problem of bots on Twitter the cornerstone of his legal argument about why he should be allowed out of the social media deal, but there's a little bit of a problem: a potential whistleblower is not yet fully convinced that he should testify in court.

"," said a potential witness, adding that he was not sure whether he would be able to withstand the attention he would receive at one of the most high-profile trials in recent years.

On Wednesday, both parties are required to exchange witness lists, which may answer the question of whether a second unsub will appear in the courtroom. Unlike Zatko, who was summoned to court by the Mask team, the second informant has not received a subpoena. Twitter and Ilona Mask have so far refused to comment.

The new witness states that the selected Twitter metric for measuring bots — the so-called monetized daily active users, or mDAU — is too narrow and cannot fully reflect the scale of the spam problem on the site. According to him, Twitter may not lie when it says that less than 5% of its mDAU are bots, but the witness does not agree that mDAU is used at all to measure, and claims that the company was not completely honest with its investors.

", " explains a potential witness. "

The witness also stated that he had to remove the report when he left Twitter as part of an agreement to keep confidential business information confidential.

A source close to Twitter reported that the company did not know about the research that the new witness was talking about. The source also noted that not all automated accounts on the website are spam bots. There are so-called "good bots", such as @howsmydrivingny, who automatically searches for traffic violations by car numbers, or @met_drawings, who automatically publishes works in the public domain, from the drawing department and the metropolitan museum gravel.

More importantly, the company's source argues, a potential witness should have nothing to do with the trial, which will begin on 17 October in Delaware State, as his testimony does not contain any information on alleged fraud or inconsistencies in the documents submitted by Twitter to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Let's add that there's also information this evening that the case may not be going to trial at all, and Jacob Mask has changed his mind, and now he's ready to buy the company again under the old conditions.