Bloomberg: Ilon Mask changed his mind and bought Twitter again

Bloomberg: Ilon Mask changed his mind and bought Twitter again

The news agency, with reference to sources familiar with the negotiations, reports that Ilon Mask has sent a new offer to Twitter to purchase a social network. As in the original offer, this is a $54.20-per-action purchase, with a total value of $44 billion.

The news had an immediate impact on the stock market. Twitter stocks, which were badly affected when a businessman withdrew their offer of ransom, grew by 12.7% to $47.93, and Tesla stock at the time of publication, rose to $245.27 and continue to grow.

Tesla's CEO first announced the purchase of Twitter in April, but later he turned down the deal, saying that Twitter did not provide enough information on the number of bots with fake social media records. Under the original agreement, the party that refused the deal had to pay the second $1 billion, but there were exceptions, one of which was used by Mask.

Twitter disagreed with the business's arguments and filed a lawsuit in Delaware's court demanding that Mask be forced to buy the company. In its claim, the company's representatives claimed that Mask's alleged concern with false records was only a pretext for refusing the transaction, as the stock market began to fall.

In the past, Hytech described in detail the terms of the original deal and why Maska was a social network.