FSO and Mintrans were not allowed to test the aerobics at Skolkovo, which is too close to Vnukovo Airport

FSO and Mintrans were not allowed to test the aerobics at Skolkovo, which is too close to Vnukovo Ai

According to a publication referring to industry sources, both the Ministry of Trans and the Federal Security Service have opposed testing in the pilot legal regime near Vnukovo Airport. . The pilot legal regime would be able to experiment with technologies not yet regulated by existing domestic legislation. If previously the testing of UAVs at Skolkovo was scheduled to begin in 2024, Alexey Belyakov's executive director of the Spolkov cluster of advanced manufacturing technologies now reports that the tests will continue, but in the lighter "weather category", it will be about drones weighing up to 30 kg. In addition, a preliminary flight application will be required to obtain the permits of regulators.

As Belyakov stressed, the use of the Spalkov test site is of particular importance, as it is where the drone manufacturers, the infrastructure needed for testing, the demand for services, and finally the Spalkovo site is where scientific and technological expertise is concentrated.

In Mintrans, it was recommended that another location be chosen for the use of the special legal regime in the summer. It was alleged that the Skolkovo area was entering the airspace of the airport of Vnukovo, so that the special drone testing regime was contrary to the rules already in place, especially since aircraft were being taken up and landed in the vicinity, and the equipment required for the operation of drones would have a negative impact on the quality of radio communications with aircraft.

Finally, the drones themselves will pose a security threat, which will be carried out literally under take-off and landing aircraft, and the Vnukovo airport is being used to transport the President of the country and public servants, so the initiative to launch the pilot legal regime needs to be coordinated with the FSO as well as the FSB.

In the summer, it was reported that a centre for the control of urban air mobility had been established in Skolkovo; the structure would be responsible for the testing of unmanned aerial vehicles, and it was expected that 400 hectares would be allocated for testing and that the maximum altitude of flights would be 100 metres.