Cooler Master introduced the Synk X game chair with tactile feedback

Cooler Master introduced the Synk X game chair with tactile feedback

A manufacturer of computer components and peripherals, Cooler Master, announced a tactical feedback chair. A special mechanism within a new machine generates low-frequency sound waves transformed into vibrations that create a tactical feedback in real-time games.

At first glance, the chair looks like a normal game model, though somewhat more cumbersome, with a sliding foot support, and there is also a control panel with vibration and source settings and sound level adjustment in headphones, as well as a battery charge indicator.

There is a wire connection to the audio signal source AUX-IN, which allows the chair to be connected not only by wireless Bluetooth or 5.8-Hz radio channel; this number of entrances indicates that it is a cross-platform model that can be used not only with game equipment such as PCs and consoles, but also, for example, with conventional televisions or smartphones and other devices.

According to Cooler Master, the battery charge of the chair will last 8 hours of continuous operation or 4 hours of intensive bass use, and it takes about 6 hours to fully charge the chair from scratch.

According to Cooler Master, the back of the chair is capable of providing a 135-degree slope, and the model is suitable for a mass of up to 135 kg. The frame of steel and wood is covered with a foamed material with a memory effect, in turn hidden behind the gray of the breathing cloth.

The date of Synk X's release and the price will be announced later.