Twitter added a tweet-editing button, but only paid subscribers and not everywhere

Twitter added a tweet-editing button, but only paid subscribers and not everywhere

Twitter is beginning to be able to edit tweets for Blue subscribers in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The company states that the function will appear in the United States after some time, although the exact date is unknown.

Blue subscribers in these countries are now able to edit their tweets within 30 minutes of the post ' s release. However, they will be able to edit the text no more than five times during this period. Twitter may have introduced limits to prevent the abuse of the function, in particular, to avoid a major change in the meaning of content, while users will have enough attempts to correct errors or add hashtags.

After the tweet is edited, the users of the social media will be shown the exact time of the editing. The readers will be able to click on the appropriate label to view the history of the edit. When the user leaves their tape, the edited tweets will be marked with a pencil badge.

The social network had previously reported that it would monitor the use of the new option and the number of allowed amendments during the given period could change. The Twitter representative stated that it would first be possible to edit the subscription holders on which the technology would be tested and later access by other users. A limited release would also make it possible to determine whether people were prone to abuse the new option and to introduce new protection mechanisms in that case.

The official launch took place a month after Twitter first reported on innovations, before the company tested the function on its own accounts.

So far, Twitter Blue is only available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States, and the social network has not reported when it plans to provide subscriptions in other countries and to provide editing opportunities to other users.