Martian helicopter found a "passer" to fly over the Red Planet

Martian helicopter found a "passer" to fly over the Red Planet

On 24 September, a NASA Ingenuity helicopter made its 33rd guided flight in the atmosphere of Mars, and researchers from the space agency reported that the helicopter was not alone this time, and one of the legs had an unusual object on it.

Helicopter camera images show a moving object resembling a piece of plastic bag that stuck to one of the four legs of Ingenuity, which fell off or just disappeared in the middle of the flight.

Researchers do not yet know what it was, but perhaps one of the elements of the device that fell off during a hard landing after one of the previous flights.

Despite the outside object, the flight took place on a full-time basis and the helicopter completed all tasks and reported to NASA, and after further analysis they will provide an explanation of what the "packet" was.

Initially, the Ingenuity helicopter was expected to fly only about five times to demonstrate that people could fly in the fine atmosphere of Mars, but the last mission became the 33rd lift of the device into the air. After the flight tests are completed, the Martian helicopter acts as a "researcher and navigator" for the Perseverance.