The giant magnetic storm is approaching Earth

The giant magnetic storm is approaching Earth

On the night of Sunday and on the day of October 2, there were several active events on the Sun, first two M-class flashes followed by an X-class flash and a coronal mass release. Researchers expect that the effects of this activity will cause a storm on Earth on Tuesday.

According to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, coronal mass particles are expected to reach the Earth at midnight on October 4 and cause a G2 geomagnetic storm. A geomagnetic storm of this magnitude could cause emergency voltage changes in high-altitude power systems, damage transformers, and sometimes even disrupt spacecraft.

The increased activity of the Sun is consistent with the increase in the number of sun spots currently visible on its surface, among which are AR3110 and AR3112, which simultaneously cause solar flares.

AR3112 is one of the largest spots on the surface of the Sun in recent years and is reported to have more than a dozen dark kernels. 130,000 km of solar area is covered by the sun. According to, the positive and negative polarity of the various kernels of this stain is constantly colliding with each other, which could lead to more X-class outbreaks.

This solar spot is now turning to Earth and may, over the next two weeks, send even more flares towards our planet, which means that the approaching storm will probably not be the last.