Tesla presents a prototype of a humanoid robot... and sows doubt

Tesla presents a prototype of a humanoid robot... and sows doubt

On September 30, after a long debate, the robot Optimus, developed by Tesla, made a solemn entrance to the stage at an event organized by the company, although the crowd seemed excited, the robot did not reach the opportunities that Ilon Mask had claimed a few months earlier... the Director General said that the robot was nevertheless capable of doing much more than the audience saw live.

Optimus, based on the I.I., which Tesla uses in his autonomous cars, slowly and quite awkwardly went out on stage and then waved to the crowd, but in the end it became a disappointment compared to the concept of the human-like robot Ilon Mask presented last year. The audience at the AI event also had an opportunity to look at the next generation of Optimus: the prototype was carried on stage... in the hands of three people. The Director-General of Tesla justified this because his robot was so fragile that he did not want to risk falling.

So the demonstration didn't have the desired effect and disappointed a lot of experts.

"," said Ilon Mask before Optimus went on stage.

But after several months of development, the robot does not seem to have such exceptional capabilities yet. Critics point to its slow and unstable walk. Moreover, it did not perform a single live demonstration. However, its skills were demonstrated in a video where the robot waters plants, carries a box and lifts a metal bar.

Although the robot has five-palm hands, which promises man-made craftsmanship, robotic experts are still skeptical of its future capabilities, and Ilon Mask has announced that its robot will be designed to perform useful tasks for human beings, such as cooking or cutting the lawn.

"", said Tom Ryden, CEO of Mass Robotics, a non-profit launcher. In the past Honda also developed a human-like robot called Asimo. Developed in 2000, it became the first human-like robot capable of walking realistically; the most advanced version was able to pour liquid into a glass, but the project did not go beyond the research and development stage.


Tesla's goal is to produce an "extraordinaryly capable" robot in very large quantities.

Also introduced was Tesla Bot of the last generation, although he has not yet been able to walk. ", said Mask. This latest prototype is, in appearance, a little closer to the concept presented by Tesla's CEO last year. In particular, he is able to move each of his fingers independently and has opposite thumbs.

Will Tesla become the first producer to offer a truly useful human-like robot? So far, in terms of autonomy and capabilities, it does not exceed existing projects. It has 28 degrees of freedom and 11 degrees of freedom in each hand.