Startup Wisk Aero, created by Boeing, introduced a 4-seat unmanned aerobics

Startup Wisk Aero, created by Boeing, introduced a 4-seat unmanned aerobics

Startup Wisk Aero, based on the aerospace giant Boeing and recently closed by Kittyhawk, Larry Page of the United States, to obtain permission to establish an air taxi service using this aircraft.

Wisk claims that her aircraft is the first candidate for certification in the category of devices with an electric vertical lift-off and landing.

According to the FAA regulations, aircraft companies are required to undergo three types of certification before starting a commercial service: a type certification that confirms that the aircraft meets all FAA design and safety standards, a production certification that allows the aircraft to be manufactured and an aircraft carrier to be certified to provide green light for the official provision of commercial air taxi services.

The Wisk aircraft is equipped with six forward load screws, each with five blades that can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and six rear loaders consisting of two blades fixed in a vertical position. The declared cruiser speed of the aggregate is 120 knots above the ground.

The aircraft is expected to take off and land the so-called shipports on the rooftops of the buildings, using the autopilot system under the supervision of a human pilot in the control room.

Startup is planning to launch an air taxi service over the next five years, and it is projected that in the future the service will be able to operate 14 million flights annually in about 20 major markets around the world, noting that there are currently no electric planes on commercial lines in the world, despite many demonstration flights.