Ilon Mask showed a human robot called Tesla, which will be offered at a price of less than $200,000

Ilon Mask showed a human robot called Tesla, which will be offered at a price of less than $200,000

During the late-night presentation of Tesla AI Day 2022, which the head of Ilon Mask formally called an event to attract talented people, two prototypes of the human-like Optimus robot appeared on stage in Palo Alto, conditionally associated with different generations.

This statement is all the more ambitious given that human-like robots now cost more than $100,000 at best.

The first prototype, which was involved in the presentation and was deprived of the outer panels of the hull, was able to move on the stage on two legs and wave its hands in the music, even though Mask eventually admitted that the robot had gone on the surface for the first time without the fearless pillars at the time of the presentation. It was evident that Ilon Mask was worried about the robot's ability to walk into the stage on its own, the company's head even embarrassedly explained that his colleagues did not want to allow the prototype to fall face-to-face. According to Mask, the first-generation robot prototype had used the third-generation executive machinery, but the second-generation prototype had already obtained the executive mechanisms of Tesla's own development.

The second prototype, presented to the public, was delivered to the stage by means of a cart until it could walk on its own, but Mask promised that the robot would learn it in a few weeks. The second prototype was not only a more representative appearance, but also the presence of handbrushes that resembled humans. The robot, suspended on the support, made moves not only with its hands and head but also with its legs. Mask said that the prototype was quite close to the serial version in terms of the degrees of freedom of movement. Ideally Tesla would try to create a robot with 27 degrees of freedom and a body about 28 against more than 200 degrees of freedom.

Tesla's developers now have the task of improving their manipulators so that the robot can perform many tasks that enable it to replace a person in certain areas of activity. A video has also been shown where the first-generation robot waters flowers in the office, transports boxes and lifts metal bars at a company in California where Tesla electric vehicles are made, while a safety cable is seen behind the back of the prototype to prevent it from falling.

The company ' s engineers are also tasked with creating a battery that would be placed in the robot body and allow it to operate at a capacity of 2.3 kWh at a nominal voltage of 52 V. The robot ' s mass would be kept within 73 kg. Other features mentioned were Tesla ' s efforts to optimize the robot ' s design during virtual crash tests simulating the robot ' s fall face down. Engineers were also able to ensure that the robot ' s main sensors and transmissions did not suffer and remained functional. The robot ' s torso also contained a vehicle computer based on the Tesla brand processor, with high integration and support for Wi-Fi and LTE wireless interfaces. Tesla ' s specialists also described at the event the features of the development of robot joints, limbs and electro-mechanics, as well as control algorithms.

As a tradition, Ilon Mask has not been able to sidestep the utopian discourse about a bright future in which the entire human race will produce robots like this. According to him, millions of robots in Tesla will help build a society of abundance that is free of poverty, while the public nature of Tesla capital allows society to control the company's activities, as its head is convinced. " He also explained that at Tesla's post, he cannot do whatever he wants, even if that is the case.