Roi drones to create 3Ds?

Roi drones to create 3Ds?

United Kingdom researchers have been able to coordinate drones to create two cylinders of different sizes, and the drones in question were equipped with heads for 3D seals. According to experts, this technique may one day make it possible to build whole buildings.

Accuracy of the seal 5 mm

Today, 3D printers, which are capable of building walls, bridges and so forth, are numerous. However, researchers at Imperial College London described a new methodology in a study published in Nature magazine on 21 September. The study refers to a small group of drones able to print 3D structures. Scientists explain that their concept is inspired by the way bees cooperate in the construction of their nests.

Drones are autonomous but fully coordinated and operate under the supervision of a person who can intervene at any time if a problem arises. Moreover, not all drones perform the same role.

During the tests, scientists used several cement-based materials that could be used in 3D seals. For example, they were able to print the first cylinder 18 cm high with 28 layers of cement viscosity. The researchers then printed a second cylinder 2.05 m high with 72 layers of insulation foam. In addition, drones were equipped with lighting devices to simulate a much larger construction in timelaps mode.

In the view of those responsible, this technology could become an alternative to the larger 3D printer in the future. Indeed, it should be remembered that the printers should be larger than the buildings they produce. Moreover, in the case of buildings, drones can also repair them. According to researchers, these machines can also be very useful in certain special situations, such as hard-to-reach construction sites, such as in the mountains. This can also facilitate the renovation of the upper part of the building without the installation of construction forests.