Twitter founder Jack Dorsey asked Ilon Mask to take a seat on the board long before they announced their intention to buy a company

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey asked Ilon Mask to take a seat on the board long before they announced t

Less than three weeks remain before the Twitter trial and Ilona Maska discussed with Ilon Mask the idea of inviting him to the company's board of directors even before the billionaire expressed his willingness to buy it.

At least according to CNBC, from the correspondence provided to the court between the two figures in the case, Jack Dorsey's hesitations about the success of the very idea of including Ilon Mask on the Twitter board. The founder of the social network, who, as of 26 March this year, still had a seat on the board of directors, congratulated Ilona Maska on the "enhanced caution" of the board of directors and the perception among board members that the invitation of Ilon Mask to the board increased the risks. A few days later, Mask himself expressed his willingness to take a seat on the board of directors of Twitter, but then abandoned the idea in favour of buying the company's assets.

Jack Dorsey, in his revelations to Ilon Mask, called the position of the other members of the Twitter board. . He noted that he himself did not have sufficient influence over the situation because he had a single voice and only 3% of Twitter shares without any privileges. Dorsey and Mask, according to the correspondence, also discussed the idea of the founder of Twitter to transform the company into an open source protocol of e-mail type. Jack Dorsey was confident that Mask's involvement in that direction could help achieve the goal. By mid-May, Jack Dorsey had left the Twitter board.

In a related development, it is clear that attempts to put Ilon Mask on the Twitter board were made by Jack Dorsey before the entire story, with a billionaire buying a large stake in the company. According to Dorsey's hints, he's had a similar idea since 2020, when the board of directors began to be pressured by activists from the investment company Elliot Management. At the time, the Twitter board also rejected the idea of inviting Ilon Mask as part of it, according to published correspondence. Around the same time, Jack Dorsey explained that he himself had decided to resign from his position as Twitter CEO, although he did so only in November 2021.