Intel prepares Core i3-N300 processors without production kernels

Intel prepares Core i3-N300 processors without production kernels

The first data on the Alder Lake-N energy-efficient mobile processors that have not yet been officially submitted to Intel are the Core i3-N305 and Core i3-N300 models, which have eight kernels each. It is noteworthy that there are no high-performance P-nuclears, Golden Cove, which use only energy-efficient E-core Gracemont.

The Core i3-N305 model has been noted at Geekbench synthetic berch. It is indicated that the processor has a base frequency of 1.8 GHz and can automatically run to 3.78 GHz. Data on the L1/L2 and L3 cache memory configuration confirm that the chip uses the Gracemont core architecture.

The Core i3-N300 chip is not known except for the number of kernels and the fact that it supports the DDR4-3200 memory. Although it can also be seen that there is a built-in Intel UHD graph.

In one nuclear test, Geekbench's Core i3-N305 scored 1,025 points and in multi-nuclear score 4,420 points, so its performance is about the same level as Core i7-8750H. The latter's results in the same test are 974 and 4,438 respectively.

When compared to something more modern, Core i3-N305, a little overtaking of the mobile Ryzen 757000U on the Zen 2 architecture by a single-nuclear output, but down from a multi-nuclear one, and the AMD chip takes 1021 and 5433 points in the same tests, respectively.