ViewSonic introduced a 135-inch portable display that weighs 225 kg and folds into a 2-metre case

ViewSonic introduced a 135-inch portable display that weighs 225 kg and folds into a 2-metre case

Large interactive panels with a sensor display are a good alternative to projectors when it is necessary to interact actively with the contents of the screen during the presentation. The problem is that such bulky products are difficult to transport, but ViewSonic has managed to create a solution that is relatively simple to transport, with sections of its 135-inch display forming.

The new one is known as All-in-One Direct View View, a 1.56 mm pixel step. The brightness reaches 600 cd/m2 and has 8 levels of adjustment, a contrast of 6,000:1. The angles of vision are 160 degrees vertical and horizontal respectively. The panel, controlled by Google Android 9.0, has a built-in memory of 64 Gbytes, of which 56 Gbytes are available to the user.

There are also three USB Type-A ports, one USB Type-C, an RJ45 network interface, and an audio input of 3.5 mm. There are two HDMI 2.0, a 20 W Harman Kardon pair, and a 3.5 mm type audio output. In addition, one USB Type-A port allows for the charging of an external device. The presentation control uses an infrared port with an appropriate remote remote control, and the receiver can be moved at the expense of a 3-metre long cable.

The motor substrate allows the display to be adjusted to a height of 650 mm and has three fixed positions. It takes no more than 10 minutes to assemble the display from the walking position to the working position, according to the manufacturer ' s assurance.

In the folded state, the width of the display is reduced from 3010 to 1,800 mm, and the depth of the design is 770 mm in any position. In the package, the monoblock has a size of 1,900 x 2032 x 800 mm and its mass is 330 kg. Without packaging, the product weighs 225 kg, but can be rolled without effort with four wheels on a base that rotates 360 degrees around the vertical axis. The typical energy consumption of the device is 1,200 W, which can be increased to 2300 W at peak.

The display consists of hundreds of LK models that the user can change with the help of a brand-made accessories on its own. Seven spare LK models are added to the unit. The cost of the new ViewSonic is not reported, but even if a "monolithic" display of this size is worth about $100,000, it is easy to guess that the warehouse version will easily exceed this barrier.