NFT-token sales were 97% below the January maximum

NFT-token sales were 97% below the January maximum

According to Bloomberg, the volume of trading by non-reciprocal currents, which allows for the assurance of ownership of electronic works of art and other digital assets through blocking technology, fell by 97% in September compared to the first month of this year.

According to the agency, in September, the volume of the trade dropped to $466 million, from $17 billion in January 2022, with data from Dune Analytics, which combined information from popular NFT sites OpenSee, NFTX, LarvaLabs, LooksRare, SuperRare, Raible and Foundation.

The rapid decline in demand for NFT is only part of a larger decline in the crypto-sector, which lost more than $2 trillion compared to its peak in November last year, as monetary policy in the world tightens, depriving the speculative assets of much of the investment.

Remittances are not the only problem in this market, which is regularly seen by cybercriminals; for example, in just one year prior to last July, the total value of the stolen non-reciprocal tokens exceeded $100 million.

Although the NFT is no longer as popular as it was a year ago, many companies are still paying attention to it, for example, at the beginning of the month LG announced the introduction of NFT's smart TV support, which is available for purchase at Art Lab.