In 2023, Google will notify users of their personal data online

In 2023, Google will notify users of their personal data online

From the beginning of next year, Google intends to notify users in cases where their data, such as telephone number, e-mail address, home address and other information, appear in the searchable issue. The company has announced a new function after the release of the "Results of You" tool, which allows people to easily find information about themselves and send requests for removal of personal data from the searchable issue, which is already available to some users in the United States.

In a tweet, the company reported that activation of the notification system would be voluntary; most people did not need such a tool on a regular basis; however, it would be offered and would allow users to protect themselves online.

Of course, Google will delete only the search results in its own search engine, not the pages themselves; they will simply be more difficult to find.

Google is known to have been able to request the removal of such material from the search for extradition for quite some time, but now the company is significantly simplifying the process of sending requests and removing data. In particular, the "Results of You" tool allows it to mark the relevant data in the search for extradition by several presses instead of searching for a special Google service item with reference to the necessary form of request.

Moreover, the notification function, which will be released early next year, will not allow the search to be undertaken on its own — the system itself will warn of the potential danger and the user will decide whether to require the removal of the content.