Wacom introduced the Cintik Pro 27 - 120 Hz, 4K and an accurate $3,500 color show

Wacom introduced the Cintik Pro 27 - 120 Hz, 4K and an accurate $3,500 color show

Wacom introduced the interactive first-hand Cintik Pro 27 display, which is characterized by an updated compact design. The device is equipped with a 26.9-inch sensor display with a 120 Hz update frequency and a 4K resolution. A new model of the digital pen Pro Pen 3 is being delivered along with the new one.

The Cintik Pro 27 is more compact than the 24-inch Cintik Pro 24 because of its much narrower scope, and the ExpressKey keys have been moved to the back panel on the left and right side of the shell.

In the case of previous Cintik Pro models, an external monitor was actually needed to view the exact colours. For Cintik Pro 27, this is not necessary because it is a reference monitor that uses a 10-bit panel of 4K, providing 99 per cent coverage of the Adobe RGB colour space and 98 per cent coverage of DCI-P3. The display supports PQ and HLG formats, allowing for accurate display and editing of HDR content.

Thanks to the 120 Hz update frequency, the display ensures the smoothness of the painting. The 400 cd/m2 picnic luminance is sufficient to display HDR content. The display has also been validated by Pantone Skinton, which confirms the Pantone standard for the entire range of human skin shades. The rear panel contains HDMI 2.1 port, two USB-C ports, USB-A port, and Mini DisplayPort.

Pero Pro Pen 3 is distinguished by the ability to change its size, weight, centre of gravity, and even the location of the buttons by means of replacement parts. The pero recognizes 81992 pressure levels, is delivered with five standard and five pivot tips.

The Ergo Standard stand allows the screen to be rotated by 20 degrees and also allows inclination. It is not part of the set and is delivered at $500. The display also supports the VESA anchorages.

The Wacom Cintik Pro 27 first display has already been sold at $3,500.