Video: raven's flying and fighting in the open world in a 16-minute demonstration of the Roglyte Action Ravenbound gameplay

Video: raven's flying and fighting in the open world in a 16-minute demonstration of the Roglyte Act

==History==The designers of the Swedish studio System Reaction, which is part of the Avalanche Studios Group, presented 16 minutes of the gameplay of their fantasy roglyte action with an open world Ravenbound, which was released on YouTube channel IGN.

The events of Ravenbound take place in the fantasy world of Awalt, inspired by the Swedish folklor, and the players will have to rid him of the dark forces in his role. After the death of the hero, the guide of the Raven becomes another warrior who receives some of the previously discovered skills.

The Avalt can be explored on foot or in flight, taking the appearance of the Raven. Players will have to fight fairy trolls, chuldras and drowgrass. Progress is based on the use of cards: once the enemy is defeated, it is possible to pull out maps with new equipment, weapons and magic, on the basis of which the skills of the next hero will be randomly chosen. According to the developers, the environment and opponents are constantly changing and new monsters, locations and trials can emerge at an unexpected moment.

The video shows an initial piece of the alpha version with comments from the creative director and the lead designer, showing a central location with gates leading to different parts of the world, movement in human and bird form, a close fight with different tactics and skills, and the choice of maps. The authors warned that there were bugs at this stage of development, as well as time models and textures.

Ravenbound's announcer was released on August 23, this year," said the lead game designer, System Reaction Simon Laserna.

Ravenbound will be available on Steam. The official website offers applications for beta testing, which will begin shortly. A Russian text translation has been submitted. The recommended system requirements include Intel Core i7-4770 or AMD Ryzen 51600X, 16 Gbyte OZD and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 with 8 Gbytes of video.

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In 2019, the studio released a co-operative shooter from the first person, Generation Zero, and in 2020, the same genre for the destruction of Second Extraction dinosaurs. The first was released on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the second is available early for PCs, Xbox One, Xbox Series Xbox X and S.