Garmin introduced "satellite pager" inReach Messenger — the device will provide any smartphone with satellite communications

Garmin introduced "satellite pager" inReach Messenger — the device will provide any smartphone with

However, Garmin has been offering this option for many years by means of inReach Mini and inReach Mini 2. Now, the manufacturer of carrying electronics and navigation equipment has introduced a new tool for sending messages through a satellite network called inReach Messenger.

Unlike iPhone, where satellite communications are limited to emergency cases, Garmin allows communication in full text chat rooms. However, in this case, the service is very limited because users will need to sign messages. The $15 per month base rate allows 10 messages to be sent during this period. If the limit is exceeded, each subsequent message will cost an additional $0.00.

As for the InReach Messenger device itself, it may be useful during long journeys or journeys in the wild. The compact gadget has dimensions of 7.8 x 2.5 x 0.9 cm and weighs 113.9 g. The design includes a 1.08 inch display supporting the resolution of 160 x 68 pixels. The gadget body is protected from moisture according to IPX7 standard.

The battery is self-contained and maintains uninterrupted operation for 28 days when sending messages and position data every 10 minutes. If the message message function is used and the position data is transmitted every 30 minutes, the battery charge will last 46 days. A special button is provided to send an SOS signal in case of an emergency.

Gadget can function independently or in combination with Garmin Messenger for Android and iOS devices. The application sends messages via Wi-Fi or cell operator networks if they are available. When this is not possible, it automatically transmits data via inReach Messenger and satellite communications.

InReach Messenger can be purchased for $300, and the Garmin Messenger application is available for download in Play Market and App Store stores. The Garmin satellite communications function has been implemented through the Iridium satellite network, so before the gadget is purchased it should be seen the area covered by the network. In addition to exchanging messages, the network can provide weather data but for a separate fee.