Intel and Samsung showed a tablet with a rolling display -- 13-to 17-inch and back

Intel and Samsung showed a tablet with a rolling display -- 13-to 17-inch and back

Samsung Display and Intel are developing tablets with sliding design and rolling display. During a presentation yesterday by Intel Innovation 2022, chapter Samsung Display Choi Joe Sun demonstrated a prototype of an unusual computer capable of turning from a 13-inch tablet into a larger 17-inch model.

Choi noted that he announced yesterday the world ' s first moving 17-inch PC display. The device would satisfy a variety of requests and provide both portable, when needed, and large-size displays in other cases. It was noted that Samsung had chosen a slide format instead of a solution with a warehouse flexible display, and this indirectly confirmed that bendable options could eventually escape the stage.

Intel has been experimenting with new forms of factor computers for years and has previously prepared technologies to integrate its solutions with two-screened and folded designs — before Microsoft left its plans to develop Windows 10X for bendable devices. Such forms of factor for demonstrating better results require special software and applications. However, it is not yet known how Intel intends to facilitate the introduction of a sliding screen PC.

The prototype shown by Samsung Display and Intel is in fact a 13-inch tablet capable of turning into a 17-inch computer Monoblock through a sliding machine. Intel has already demonstrated the work of Unison software designed to connect wireless computers on Intel to smartphones, including iPhone.

So far, the sliding computer is no more than a concept, and when companies can present commercial options, it is not reported.