NVIDIA released GeForce Game Ready 517.48 WHQL with Overwatch 2 support and DLSS upgrades for Microsoft Flight Simulator

NVIDIA released GeForce Game Ready 517.48 WHQL with Overwatch 2 support and DLSS upgrades for Micros

NVIDIA released a package of GeForce Game Ready 517.48 WHQL graphics driver. It also includes support for a free-of-charge command operator Overwatch 2. The manufacturer also updated the DLSS image scale-up technology for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

NVIDIA also corrected a number of problems and errors encountered in the use of previous versions of the driver:

  • On some of Lenovo's laptops with a discrete NVIDIA video card, there were problems with luminance settings; use of the Adobe Illustrator tool with beams made pixel images; Chaos Vantage's program did not start when NVLink was activated in Windows 11; in Adobe Photoshop's random malfunctions of DirectML.dl were corrected; performance problems with VRR monitors in Fusion 360 were eliminated; in Jurassic World Evolution 2 there was no longer a Shadow flicker; in Microsoft Flight Simulator's punctures corrected the graphic bug with incorrect texture in the long game session process; the failure to display the original screen resolution on Samsung U28R55 and ASUS VG249Q1A were corrected; the problem was corrected by the problem with the "diffle out of the SMSung U28R55 and ASUS VG249Q1A"; and the problem was corrected by the problem was left out of the SMSung U28 and the VG249Q1A.

The company also listed known problems that will be corrected with the next update of the driver:

  • ===Suspension===Sustainability problems arise when settings display parameters that are not consistent with the original screen resolution; display of the video viewed in Microsoft Edge browser can become green if the NVIDIA Image Scaling function is activated and the computer is out of sleep mode or launched using a fast start; Shadowplay records can be re-supplied if Windows settings include the option "Use HDR"; monitor can measure from time to time or exit the sleep mode with the DSR/DLDSR functions activated; reduce performance in Minecraft Java Edition on GeForce RTX 30-series video maps; happy artifacts of the image in Forza Horizon 5 after updating the driver; and remaster Marvel's Spider-Man on the DVS screen.

You can download GeForce Game Ready 517.48 WHQL from the company's official website or the GeForce Experience application.