LG Display faced a weak demand for OLED TV, but is awaiting its recovery in 2023

LG Display faced a weak demand for OLED TV, but is awaiting its recovery in 2023

According to the South Korean publication The Elec, LG Display intends to deliver more OLED panels in 2023 than in the current one. It is known that in 2022 the forecast for the supply of the panels was reduced, as demand for televisions fell this year due to inflation.

It turns out that in 2023, LG Display intends to produce 9.2 million copies of large OLED panels, although these plans do not take into account possible deliveries for Samsung Electronics. Some 5.4 million panels will be released at the Guangzhou factory.

This year, LG Display was hoping to deliver about 2 million OLED panels for Samsung, but the negotiations were interrupted in May. With inflation, this means that the planned delivery of 7.8 million panels for this year is unlikely to be feasible. In the first half of the year, LG Display released fewer panels than expected due to the fall in demand, after which the company set more aggressive production targets for the second half of the year, but according to industry sources, the situation has not improved.

It is not yet known whether negotiations will be resumed with Samsung on the supply of OLED panels for televisions. The latter uses OLED at QD-OLED "quota points" by the Samsung Display daughter, but the company's production capacity is limited. This means that Samsung may use the W-OLED LG Display production panel to increase the volume of OLED television production next year. This will depend on the price difference between the cost of LCD and OLED panels.

Samsung had previously considered OLED purchases from LG Display because of the increase in LCD prices. This year, prices for the latter have fallen, but may rise again before the end of the year, which means that OLED prices may be preferable for a technogigant.