The first "fully electrical" suburban plane flew to the United States

The first "fully electrical" suburban plane flew to the United States

After several years of development, a fully electrical Alice aircraft from Eviation took off for its first test flight, and the test pilot raised an eight-seat aircraft to a slightly higher altitude than a kilometre, and took only eight minutes to complete the flight.

The Alice aircraft was named after the book "Alice in Wonderland" and the songs Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit, which is being developed by the American start-up Eviction, and is designed by the authors to be offered in a number of suburban passenger, cargo and representative flights.

An aircraft with two electric motors with a capacity of 640 kW has two screws and can fly up to 463 kilometres, with a maximum take-off mass of 8.3 tons and a speed of 481 km/h. The developers note that the increase in all these characteristics is closely related to electronic battery technologies and may increase as this area develops.

And when the engines started to turn, they sounded like electric trimmers, and when the plane flew over its head, the noise was more like a hum than a roar.

The test flight is only the first step on the road to commercial flights; it has yet to be conducted through a full and rigorous flight test regime and many safety certifications for both the aircraft and all its systems and for the company itself. The developers hope to solve all the issues and put Alice on the market in 2026.