Intel Core 13th generation processors from $295

Intel Core 13th generation processors from $295

Intel Core of the 13th generation of the Raptor Lake series will be marketed on October 20th. These are six chips. These are top-up K and KF models. Less powerful Intel Core 13 will be sold next year. In addition, there will be a top-up Intel Core i9-13900KS Special Edition.

It is noted that, on average, new processors are 15 per cent more powerful than previous generation models in single-term mode and 41 per cent more in multi-track mode. How did this happen? By increasing the frequency of work and increasing the number of kernels and streams.

The cost of processors is lower.

  • Intel Core i9-13900K – $590 Intel Core i9-13900KF – $565.Intel Core i7-13700K – $410. Intel Core i7-13700KF – $385. Intel Core i5-13600K – $320. Intel Core i5-13600KF – $295.

Intel Core 13 will compete with AMD Ryzen 7000 chips.


  • The AMD Ryzen 97950X, AMD Ryzen 95950X and Intel Core i9-129000K were compared in modern games. The GeForce GTX 10603 GB and GeForce GTX 6 GB were tested in modern games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was compared to the Xbox Series S/X, PS5 and PC.