Ryzen 7,000 reviews came out: much faster than the predecessors, but this may not be enough

Ryzen 7,000 reviews came out: much faster than the predecessors, but this may not be enough

Tomorrow, AMD will start selling the Ryzen 7000 series of processors, which not only brought in the new Zen 4 architecture, but, more importantly, the new Socket AM5 platform. And today, the core resources have published reviews of the new processors, and here we will only provide the main test results.

But first, let's recall that AMD has so far introduced four new generation processors: the six-nuclear Ryzen 57600X, the eight-nuclear Ryzen 777000X, the 12-nuclear Ryzen 979000X and the 16-nuclear flagship Ryzen 9795X. They all use Zen 4 kernels and have a 5-nm process. The new platform brings in a processor-type LGA called Socket AM5, as well as support for PCI Express 5.0 and DDR5 memory.

The processors in many synthetic tests and applications of Ryzen 97950X and Ryzen 979000X were faster than Core i9-129000K. And the current Intel flagship was replaced by even Ryzen 777000X.

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In turn, the younger Ryzen 57600X, without surprises, beat Core i5-12600K to nothing else, but, for fairness, even the flagship Ryzen 97950X was weaker than Core i5-12600K. But these are isolated cases.

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In terms of game tests, the results differ slightly between different viewers. For example, according to The FPS Review, in most of the games, Ryzen 979000X and Ryzen 57600X are weaker than Alder Lake chips, including Core i5-12600K, and the previous generation's "game king AMD" is Ryzen 75800X3D. But the difference is quite small. Similar results are shown in TechPowerUp's hands as well.

The Tomøs Hardware portal reports that, on average, only the 5.1 GHz chip Core i9-12900K is able to reach the new AMD Ryzen 97950X and Ryzen 57600X. With standard AMD upgrades faster. Note also that not all games are faster than other AMD innovations. As shown in the following table, Ryzen 777000X in many of the game tests of the ComputerBase portal showed better results than the flagship.

Also of great interest is the energy consumption of the Ryzen 7000 series of processors. Recall that the new Ryzen 9 level of TDP was raised to 170 W, whereas it was 105 W for the predecessors. In turn, the new Ryzen 7 and 5 received the TDP in 105 W.

As a result, Ryzen 97950X consumes 247 W, while Ryzen 77600X consumes only 99 W. In games, the average consumption is much lower. In all cases, the new Ryzen consumes much less than the competitors, the same Core i9-12900K can "eat" to 285 W. In comparison with the previous Ryzen 5,000 series, consumption has increased.

However, the Ryzen 7,000 were quite hot, with a maximum load with a powerful noctua NH-U14S, the temperature of Ryzen 57600X was 88 °C and that of Ryzen 777000X, Ryzen 979000X and Ryzen 979550X respectively was 94 °C. However, the games were more acceptable: 70, 71, 76 and 76 °C respectively.

Here we add that automatic boosters, if allowed by the cooling system, are capable of raising the frequency of the Ryzen 70000 above the standard values, for example, by cooling the 280-mm FLS radiator with a peak frequency of 5.85 GHz, but the average frequency of the games is close to 5.5 GHz, which is much greater than that of the predecessors.

In the end, I'd like to say that tomorrow, Intel will present the 13th generation of Core processors. Rumours and leaks may be much faster than the 12th generation models that are relevant, so that AMD has caught up with and slightly outrun the Intel Alder Lake processors, may not be enough to compete successfully with the upcoming Raptor Lake.