IPhone 14 in China failed, with demand 11% lower than iPhone 13 years ago

IPhone 14 in China failed, with demand 11% lower than iPhone 13 years ago

Jefferies Group, an analytical investment firm, reported on Monday that in the early days of the sale, fewer iPhone 14 smartphones were sold in China than the iPhone 13 series sold in the same period last year.

Analysts reported to investors that the sales of Apple iPhone 14 smartphones in the first three days of the sale were 987,000 units, 11% less than the sales of iPhone 13 devices last year over a comparable period, and analysts noted that a two-digit drop in sales was rare for iPhone smartphones, which until recently had been the most stable smartphones in the Chinese market against other vendors' gadgets.

It's in Jefferies' message.

According to national sources of information published in September, the supply of smartphones in China fell by almost a third to 19.1 million in July, making the decline in sales on the world's largest mobile market even more pronounced since the beginning of the year, and the Chinese consumer economy is experiencing bad times this year because of the authorities' tough policies to curb the spread of COVID-19 and weak economic performance.

Apple is making efforts to reduce dependence on production in China, and it started production of iPhone 14 in India less than three weeks after the announcement, although it had previously started production in the country of the last generation of iPhone six to nine months after the launch.