Intel will build a modern chip packaging plant in northern Italy

Intel will build a modern chip packaging plant in northern Italy

The Italian and Intel governments have chosen Vigazio commune, located near Verona in Venice in the northern part of the country, as the preferred site for the construction of a large microchip plant. This is only part of the Intel plan announced last March, with an investment of 80 billion euros in new production capacity in Europe over the next 10 years.

===Intel===Intel stated that the plant would create 1,500 jobs in the company itself, as well as 3,500 jobs for suppliers and partners of the company. Production will start between 2025 and 2027. In particular, the company will assemble and pack chips in accordance with new technological solutions.

According to Reuters sources, the parties detailed the nuances of the agreement in early September, and Intel and the Italian authorities refused to comment because the negotiations were ongoing and confidential.

The municipality of Vigazio, located near Verona, is located near the motorway and the Brenner railway, with a potential construction site in the Piemont region, which, according to sources, is also included in the "port list" of potential construction sites. One of the reasons for Vigazio's choice is the region's link with Germany, in particular Magdeburg, where Intel intends to build two more factories, and it is known that the company's facilities in other Italian provinces have been considered.

The closest associates of the outgoing Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Dragi, intend to hold back-to-back talks with the successors to ensure that the deal with the conductor's manufacturer is maintained. Previously, it was reported that official Rome is willing to invest 40% of all planned Intel costs in Italy. The draft agreement needs to be supported by a new government that is likely to announce a deal before the end of the deal.

It is known that for the development of the semi-conductor industry, Rome is also negotiating with the Franco-Italian STMicroectronics, the Taiwanese manufacturers of MEFC Electronic Materials and TSMC chips, as well as the Israeli Tower Semiconducor, which Intel acquired earlier this year.