A smartphone heater is a professional opportunity in your hands

A smartphone heater is a professional opportunity in your hands

It's common to think that this device is only needed by professionals, but it's a unique gadget that's really indispensable in every house.

It can be used to detect and eliminate heat leaks in a matter of seconds, to detect electrical and plumbing defects, to identify local overheating sites in household appliances, to diagnose the conditioning, ventilation, warm floor and heating system, and above all to do so on its own without the assistance of a specialist.

An ultra-compact thermal display, Guide Mobile Air, works in conjunction with any smartphone or tablet on iOS or Android, making its use as convenient as possible for almost everyone. With the free mobile application Mobir Air, you can choose the most suitable palette for a given study, control the thermal area display, and much more. And the device is also represented in two options at the USB Type-C and Lightning link, so you can always find a model that suits you. Agree, this modern performance format is much more convenient than fully autonomous thermals, which are very cumbersome.

The range of heat detection during the use of the Guide Mobile Air is 250 metres and the angle of vision is 50°. The gadget is contained in a solid magnesium body, which provides a reliable shield against damage to the thermal shield, and the kit provides a convenient case for storage and transportation.

By the way, you can save a lot not only your time, but also your finances with the Guide Mobile Air, because, for example, during the construction of a country house or the renovation of an apartment, you often have to call a heat inspection and, more than once, why pay the money each time if you can buy a convenient functional gadget and use it at any time? Just connect the Guide Mobile Air to your smartphone or tablet and solve your professional game problems.