Bloggers checked Apple Watch Ultra's secure smart-hours for strength — the table broke faster from hammer strikes

Bloggers checked Apple Watch Ultra's secure smart-hours for strength — the table broke faster from h

Earlier this month, Apple introduced the protected smart hours of Apple Watch Ultra. Now the new one is on the market, and it is quite expected that bloggers have decided to test it for strength and compliance. It is interesting that they use different approaches, ranging from diving the device into the water to hitting it with a hammer.

The YouTube channel of DC Rainmaker produced a video in which Apple Watch Ultra, which is certified according to EN13319, was tested in water. Since it was not possible to sink to this depth in the real water body of the blogger, a special pressure chamber was used during the test, and the Deep application, which shows the depth of diving, was used in the smart hours.

At 130 feet deep, while the Deep has ceased to display depth after 40 metres, the Health application can display a large depth.

A more traditional and spectacular version of the test was chosen by bloggers on YouTube TechRax, who had previously broken down the vehicle to check the crash detector at iPhone 14. Immediately after the unpacking of Apple Watch Ultra, the blogger dropped the clock on the concrete screen downwards, resulting in a few small scratches on the titanium body of the gadget. After that, they went to the bank with the screws and suffered severe shaking; however, it did not cause almost any new damage, but the straps were slightly stained.

At the end of the video, the blogger used a hammer on the Apple Watch Ultra screen, gradually increasing the impact. After 12 strokes with the hammer, the gadget stopped functioning and turned on, but at the same time the screen was virtually intact visually. Another three strong blows were required to break the screen of the smart hour, and a direct impact on the rear glass broke the back lid of the device. It was interesting that the protected smart hour Apple was stronger than the blogger's table, where the surface began to crack after the sixth hammer hit.