Apple can occupy 60% of the smartphone bonus market at a high demand for iPhone 14 Pro

Apple can occupy 60% of the smartphone bonus market at a high demand for iPhone 14 Pro

This year Apple's share in the high-class smartphone market, worth over $500, was 55%, and in peak sales it was up to 60%, says DigiTimes, and it is expected that the company will hold on to these positions if the demand for models of the new iPhone 14 family is maintained until the end of the year.

According to available data, Apple asked the main iPhone assembler in Foxconn to transfer part of the iPhone 14 production capacity to iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models in order to meet high consumer demand. At the same time, components manufacturers in the Apple supply chain did not receive notice of reduction of orders by any model. It is assumed that Apple could simply adjust the ratio of components to different types of devices.

When ordered by iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max in different configurations, the expected delivery time is now several weeks, indicating an increased demand. The basic iPhone 14 is not so required. Smartphone is available for purchase on Apple without any expectation of delivery. In retail stores, the basic smartphone model can also be found easily.

DigiTimes estimates that the real measure of demand for iPhone 14 Pro will be sales results in the first month after a wave of pre-orders. It is noted that last year's iPhone 13 Pro showed "excellent" long-term sales after a wave of pre-orders, indicating that user interest is attached to older models that receive more productive hardware and more new functions.

Remember, iPhone 14 has the same display as iPhone 13, and its hardware base is the same processor as iPhone 13 Pro. As for iPhone 14 Plus, this machine can boast a large display with a 6.7 inch diagonal and a larger battery.