Robots, artificial intelligence, blockage: The future came at a conference in Kazani

Robots, artificial intelligence, blockage: The future came at a conference in Kazani

The large-scale event was organized by the Research Institute of Digital Technologies and Law of the Kazan Innovative University, V. G. Timirasov, and the Ministry of Digital Development of Public Administration and Information Technology.

The conference featured presentations on the most relevant and relevant topics in the world of digital technology and law, for example, the main trends in law under the influence of digital technology were presented by Elvir Talapin, Principal Research Fellow of the Institute of State and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Nor did the conferences present reports from Belarus and Kazakhstan on the modern processes of digitizing the State and the impact of the digital divide on the right.

In the course of the work of the sections, experts addressed a number of issues related to digital technologies in public law and criminal law, blocking technology, cryptivism, regulation of artificial intelligence and robotic technology, digital intellectual rights and many others.

In addition, foreign speakers took part in the breakout discussions, for example, presentations were made by the honorary consul of Guatemala, international law practice at the University of Leon III, Jean Mulen, as well as by Alan Duflo and Partners as an austere, Ph.D., Professor Scuola Forense di Grafologia, Researcher at the Department of Criminal Procedure, Forensics and Forensics, South Eastern State University Kipouras Pavlos Geogrios.

All papers presented at the conference will be published in a collection of papers, and the best articles selected by the programme committee will be published in the Journal of Digital Technologies and Law.

In addition, as a result of the Conference on Digital Technologies and Law, the experts will adopt a resolution to be sent to the country's leading scientific and educational centres, as well as to the federal public authorities.

A feature of this year's Kazan Digital Week was the use of Telegram Bot, developed by Kazan Innovation University to automatically search for its selfie photos.

The webcasts of the presentations are available on the conference website.