The Songs of Conquest step-by-step strategy received an arena mode, a new map and a low level of complexity for campaigns

The Songs of Conquest step-by-step strategy received an arena mode, a new map and a low level of com

The authors of the step-by-step strategy with elements of RPG and the adventure of Songs of Conquest released a major update of 2.777.7 with the Battlegrounds, a fresh map, a low level of complexity for campaigns and many other innovations and improvements.

The "Arena" is available from the main menu and allows for an immediate battle with a random user, friend or AI, without considering the size of the map and other features. All you have to do is select an army created by the developers and start a quick match.

In addition, the update added a new big "Dirty Neighborhood" card, which is now enough to move to a multi-player game from the main menu.

There's also a gameplay change. For example, dead masters are now counted in the number of available masters, and they can't be expelled anymore, and the dead hero can be resurrected even if the total number of masters is exceeded.

In addition, the authors improved the recruitment system, optimized the master ' s war fog, updated some sound effects, added new ways of building, opened a book of spells during the enemy ' s multiplayer battle and new levels of battle chamber scale for wider permits, and corrected many bugs, including those associated with the loss of memory when the mouse was applied to the objects on the map, the combat I.I.I., clues and the inability to obtain gold from the captured cities after loading the conservation. A complete list of innovations and corrections is available on the official blog.

On the occasion of the release of the upgrade, the developers are fighting the users, and the online battles will take place every day from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Moscow time from 22 to 26 September, during which time the game will have a discount.

The creators told us that the last few days have been working to optimize productivity, improve interfaces, mechanics of simultaneous moves in the multiplayer and overall balance. Patchi will be out every month until Lavaption leaves for Christmas.

At the end of June, the studio presented a plan to support the game for this and next year, and last week it published an updated road map.

Songs of Conquest released early on May 10 on Steam and GOG. At Valve, the game received more than 3,200 reviews, which gave it a rating of 87%. In a preliminary review for 3DNews, Michael Ponomarev described it as .