In the United States, a 0.7 nm lithographic unit was submitted

In the United States, a 0.7 nm lithographic unit was submitted

Zyvex Labs announced the ZyvexLitho1 electronic lithography system with the highest resolution in the world, 768 pimeters. To understand the scale, this is roughly equal to the width of two silicon atoms. It is based on the laws of quantum physics and is primarily designed to produce quantum processors.

" said Professor Michelle Simmons, the world's leading quantum calculus expert.

The ZyvexLitho1 installation is based on the principles and devices of scanning tunnel microscopy, which Zyvex Labs has been improving since 2007. But unlike the traditional scans of the tunnel microscopes, ZyvexLitho1 includes numerous automation functions and capabilities that are not available in any commercial STM. From now on, Zyvex Labs has been accepting orders for ZvyvexLitho1, which will be delivered in about six months.

A key element of the ZyvexLitho1 installation is the 20-bit ZyVector system for low electronic noise and low delay process management. The ZyVector will enable the users of the plant to create precision templates for hard quantum devices and other nanoequipment and materials. The full supply of ZyVexLitho1 also includes an ultra-high-end STM ScientaOmicron already designed for the manufacture of quantum devices.

The developers emphasize that the creation of ZyvexLitho1 would be difficult without the support of DARPA, the Department of Army Studies and the Department of Advanced Production of the Ministry of Energy, and that quantum computing and quantum communication devices have been identified as one of the main national security concerns of all the world's leading countries and the military's interest in them is evident.