Look at Jupiter's cold clouds of unusual shape

Look at Jupiter's cold clouds of unusual shape

The American Aerospace Agency showed the first 3-D clouds on Jupiter, based on JunoCam's research into the gas giant.

Animation of the relative height of Jupiter ' s tops shows thinly textured edema and peaks compared to muffin frosting. 3D rectors presented by civil scientist, professional mathematician and software developer Gerald Eichstadt at the 2022 European Science Congress in Granada.

He used JunoCam data to create animation, a camera of visible light aboard the NASA Uniona spacecraft, which has been orbiting Jupiter since 2016, originally installed on board to draw public attention to the exploration of the gas giant and its satellites, but civil scientists working in cooperation with professional astronomers and Juno team have proven that JunoCam will help in the exploration of the planet.

The data on the intensity of the visible light observed by the camera can be presented as three-dimensional terrain. Computer animation shows the flight over the landscape. It has been collected from processed red filter images.

The image shows a nominal height of 1,353.3 km above the upper limit of Jupiter's clouds. Generally, the brighter upper layers of clouds correlate with their higher height, especially when observed in the methane absorption strip 890 nanometres. But there are exceptions, mainly due to the color of the upper part of the clouds and albedo. Juno scientists are working on calibrating that translates these bright landscapes into physical models of the height of the upper part of the clouds.

Understanding the relative height of the end poles inside the braids will help scientists to reveal in more detail the elements they make up.