September's update added a long-received crossplay to Spelunky 2

September's update added a long-received crossplay to Spelunky 2

Developers from Mossmouth and Blitworks reported the release of an upgrade of 1.26 for their Spelunky 2 roll platform. Among other things, the patch adds to the game the long-proclaimed support for the crossplay.

Spelunky 2 can play with friends on other platforms in adventure modes and arenas. The option is available to project owners at Steam and Microsoft Store, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, as well as Nintendo Switch.

According to Mossmouth's founder Derek Yu, the addition of crossplay was an important milestone in the development of the network component of Spelunky 2 and marked the achievement of all the main objectives of the developers in this regard.

Mossmouth and Blitworks will continue to improve the online Spelunky 2 multiplayer and collect user feedback, while content for single mode is not part of command plans.

The U publication also commented on the long synchronisation of levels in online games, and the game designer said that the expectation was delayed due to differences in the capacity of the user systems.

Among other things, version 1.26 introduces missing developers and testers into the credits, improves synchronization, eliminates other network roughness, a number of bugs and flights.

Spelunky 2 debuted at PC in September 2020.