In China, a carbon-powered hypersonic engine was invented

In China, a carbon-powered hypersonic engine was invented

It sounds very strange, but Chinese scientists have created a promising hypersonic engine that works on a seemingly far-fetched fuel -- coal powder and ethylene, to be exacting a continuous series of detonations.

Surprisingly, this solution in theory is 20% more efficient and environmentally cleaner than modern fuel blends for such devices; the new one was developed by scientists at Nanjing University of Science and Technology, and as a result of the tests they were able to achieve an engine shock rate of 2,000 m/s, which is six times the speed of sound.

During the test, the engine prototype was run over a wide range of temperatures with insufficient and excess oxygen; in all cases, the prototype showed a steady start and detonation series, which demonstrated that it could be used in the real world and not only in the sterile conditions of the laboratory.

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