Xpeng submitted an autopilot for its electric vehicles, which can be installed with an upgrade of the software

Xpeng submitted an autopilot for its electric vehicles, which can be installed with an upgrade of th

Xpeng announced the City NGP autopilot platform, designed to drive around the city in semi-autonomous mode, which is now being tested by the manufacturer, while the system promises opportunities that are no less than Tesla FSD.

As stated in Xpeng, the City NGP system will help the vehicle to decide on its own, including "safe distance" from the car ahead, reconstructing, overtaking, bypassing stationary cars and other objects, as well as to maintain it in motion. It is stressed that the system is not designed to operate on motorways, but is in a much more difficult situation in a city where there are more potentially dangerous objects and scenarios. City NGP tests are carried out with the participation of some of the owners of the Xpeng P5 bonus version in Guangzhou, where the company's headquarters is located.

The company reported on City NGP during the next version of the XPILOT 3.5, which allows the vehicle to perform certain functions on its own, but the presence of the person behind the wheel remains necessary. During the Xpeng tests, it will be necessary to prove the reliability and safety of City NGP before regulatory authorities approve the deployment of the system throughout Guangzhou or the entire country.

The company reported that all those wishing to participate in the tests could load the system with an upgrade of the software, go seven days with it, and travel more than 100 km before City NGP can be used on any accessible roads. The system will be supplied with a new Xpeng G9 crossover, which will debut in China tomorrow.

City NGP, like many of its Chinese counterparts, works on the NVIDIA hardware platform. The U.S. has banned the importation of boosters for artificial intelligence systems into China, but, as Xpeng noted, it applies to server accelerators rather than car chips, so there is no risk of sanctions.