People were encouraged not to sell kidneys to buy a new iPhone 14

People were encouraged not to sell kidneys to buy a new iPhone 14

A photograph of three people with blood-absorbed cords on their abdomen, each holding a new Apple iPhone 14, gave rise to hotness in Thailand, and people thought that the marks on the body had been caused by the surgical removal of the kidney for sale in order to obtain funds for the purchase of a new "apple smartphone".

According to the Singapore edition of Mothership, the photograph was taken in Laos and, in fact, it was a joke; however, Thais took it so seriously that an authoritative Red Cross representative condemned the photo if someone perceived it as a clean coin and infected it.

Sophon Meckton, managing director of the Body Donor Center of the Thai Red Cross Society, condemned the image as unethical and inappropriate and warned people that organ trafficking was illegal in Thailand.

According to Bangkok Post, he said, "There is no organ trade. It's forbidden. It's inappropriate to offer to sell organs, especially in order to get money to buy an iPhone. It's morally wrong and unethical."

Previously, selling body parts for new iPhone 14 models became a topical topic after the beauty clinic in Laos published a picture of three people, people holding new smartphones and showing allegedly tied abdominal wounds with blood marks, and they looked like scars after surgery.

Remember, a Chineseman once sold a kidney on the black market for money on a mobile phone and Apple tablet, and now suffers from kidney failure.