Intel ran Arc A750's video card to 2719 MHz and showed Arc A770 in a review

Intel ran Arc A750's video card to 2719 MHz and showed Arc A770 in a review

Intel continues to make its game accelerators Arc A770 and Arc A750 available to the public by publishing information on croaks. Previously, the company announced the official features of the video cards and shared their performance with XeSS beaming and scaling technology.

Usually, manufacturers rarely address the issue of manual dispersing of the video cards, and the potential to disperse a particular accelerator model is not expected at all. Intel has decided to go against established traditions. Ryan Schraut and Tom petsen have performed the Arc A750 test through the Arc Control brand application, increasing the energy limit of the graphic chip of the video card from 185 to 228 W, as well as changing the Voltage settings.

The video card was run using its normal cooling system. Finally, the frequency of the graphic chip was increased to 2719 MHz. The Hitman 3 game was launched for the test. Some significant increase in the game's performance was not achieved. Before manipulation of the GPU's frequency, the card was issued 90 frames per second and then 95–96 frames per second. The temperature of the graphic processor itself rose to 81 degrees Celsius and the temperature of memory chips to 88 degrees.

Intel also showed the flagship accelerator Arc A770 Limited Edition in the survey. It turns out that the reference version of the video map is equipped with a cooling system consisting of a complete aluminium radiator, a copper evaporator chamber, and four flat heat-conductor tubes measuring 10 x 3 mm.

The whole design is cooled by two fans. According to Intel, the noise level of the cooling system does not exceed 39 dBAs. Arc A770 has RGB lighting in its benchmark.

The Arc A770 reference board is equipped with a VRM power subsystem with six power phases, eight GDDR6 memory chips, three DisplayPort 2.0 distributions, and one HDMI 2.1 port operated by the PCON chip. The non-recurring versions of Intel Arc's video cards can also be equipped with HDMI 2.1 distributions, but this will depend on the manufacturers themselves if they want to use the additional PCON chip in their schemes. In addition, one 8- and one-six-point power outlets can be observed at the Arc A770 reference port.